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Modular Flex Conveyors
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Modular Flex Conveyors

Modular Flex Conveyors
Modular Flex Conveyors
Modular Flex Conveyors

Modular Flex conveyors can flex in all directions resulting in many applications possibilities Straight and curved sections can be combined into a single system and increase production efficiency. Elevate, accumulate, distribute, divert, flip, turn or push the products, we can easily do it by using our flex conveyors.

Our Flex conveyors are sub categorized as :
  1. Flush Grid Type
  2. Slat Type

These types of conveyors are highly suitable when the production requires horizontal transport between case packers, cartoners, in-case fillers, shrink/stretch wrappers or bulk. packers.

This type of belt conveyor system has many of the benefits of the original conveyor system. Due to its modular design, the conveyors are easy to design and assemble to match your specific needs. The added advantage of a side-flexing wide belt permits effective transport and accumulation in several different configurations.

The belt surface ensures safe and gentle transport of the conveyed goods. A high-friction belt for vertical ascents is available as an option. The fine mesh pattern of the chain minimizes the risk of jamming or tearing goods that are being transported, and also improves safety of the operator.

Modular Flex conveyors are used in the bakery industry for cooling, freezing and proofing. In addition, the flex conveyor can also be used in many other industries, due to its open structure and strength.

Modular Conveyor is a conveyor constructed with standardized units or dimensions, allowing for high layout flexibility.

Modular conveyors allow for improved carton control, quieter operation, and less energy consumption.

These conveyers are equipped with various types of strong flex belt and offer the following advantages :
  1. Silent running
  2. Strong, high load
  3. Consistent, perfect positioning of the transportable product
  4. Endless belt, simple construction
  5. Moving through very tight radius
  6. Possible to combine left & right turns
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