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Chain Conveyors
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Chain Conveyors

Chain Conveyors
Chain Conveyors

With years of experience in manufacturing and installing such equipments is well qualified to make reliable recommendations on chain conveyor. A chain conveyor consists of one or more endless chains that travel the entire conveyor path. Loads are carried directly on the chain links or on specially designed elements attached to the chain. We manufacture following types of Chain Conveyors.

A chain conveyor system is a type of conveyor system which is used for moving material through production lines.

They utilize a powered continuous chain arrangement, carrying a series of single pendants. The chain arrangement is basically driven by a motor, and the materials suspended on the pendants are conveyed through. They are mostly used for moving products down an assembly line and / or around a manufacturing or warehousing facility in a production house.

They are also used to transport heavy unit loads, e.g. pallets, grid boxes, and industrial containers. They can be single or double chain strand in configuration. The load is positioned on the chains; the friction pulls the load forward ahead. Such systems are generally easy to install and have very minimum maintenance for end users.

Many upcoming industry sectors use such systems technology in their production lines. The automobile industry mostly uses chain conveyor systems to convey the car parts through paint plants. These systems also have widespread use in the white and brown goods, metal finishing and distribution industries. They are also used in the painting and coating industry, this allows for easier paint application. The products are attached to an above head chain conveyor, keeping products off of the floor allows for higher productivity levels.

We manufacture several types of Chain Conveyor systems based on the requirements of our clients and they are:

Apron Chain: It is mostly used to move loose bulk materials like coal, lime, sand and stone along horizontal or inclined conveyors. Apron Conveyors are especially useful as feeders to elevating systems, for picking tables and loading booms, and for long horizontal or inclined conveyors. Such systems are mostly used in mining industry. Apron conveyors usually consist of endless chains with attached overlapping and interlocking plates to provide a continuous-carrying surface that forms a leak proof bed suitable for bulk materials without containers so it can be easily moved.

Pusher Conveyor Chain: These systems are used to convey rigid packages or unit loads having an even base by pushing them over a fixed bedplate. These conveyors have one or more endless strands of chain with suitable attachments to push the loads. Many packages or objects can be conveyed on plain chain conveyors without any attachment, slats or fixtures. They usually need no support. The objects can be rolled onto the conveyor at one end and are discharged over the head shaft of the conveyor. The chains carry the weight of the material and the frictional drag of the chains on the materials carries it along. Such systems mostly find use in Cannery, Steel Industries and Dairy Industries.

Slat Chain Conveyors: Such systems consist of two or more endless strands of chain with attached non-interlocking wooden slats or metal flights to carry the material which is to be moved through. These systems find use in Unit handling applications and are major used. The most common uses are to move products for shipping and processing such as in appliance assembly lines.

Pallet Chain Conveyors: Such systems are used when moving large heavy loads such as pallets, drums, bales etc. These systems can handle product up to nominally 2 tons depending on the type and size of the load. They are also used in Chill or Cold stores where a stainless steel version is utilised which uses special low temperature components.

Rod Chain Conveyors: These systems, which are formed of link chains and skewers, are generally used in dough processing and bakery sector. The conveyor belt, which is preferably manufactured from chromium or cold drawn carbon steel, is formed of double sided link chains and skewers centred to them at regular intervals.

Carrier Chain Conveyors: Carrier Chain conveyors are built with attachments that are either connected to or are an integral part of the chain system. They form a carrying medium or continuous surface for an individual part. Such systems are widely used to convey parts and assemblies. Chains are usually standard roller conveyor or bar-link chains. They can be arranged to travel paths in horizontal, inclined, or, combination patters and contours, and are built in wide range of types and sizes. They find use mostly in the steel industry.

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