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Telescopic Conveyors
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Telescopic Conveyors

Telescopic Conveyors
Telescopic Conveyors
Telescopic Conveyors

Telescopic systems, also known as Booms or extendable conveyors, will load/unload virtually any loose item quickly, safely and efficiently. By extending directly into the Truck / Trailor without the need of support we will significantly reduce load/unload times. Our systems are modern and robust in design to provide our users superior service and reliability. Telescopic Roller Type Boom Belt Type

Telescopic Conveyors are Conveyors whose length can be varied by telescoping slides on the frame. A telescoping conveyor is a flat conveyor that operates on telescopic slider beds. They are most popular at receiving and shipping docks where the conveyor is extended into inbound or outbound trailers for unloading or loading so that the goods can be transferred easily.

They are mostly used for loading of boxes and cartons in trucks and containers.

The loading and unloading of the truck can be done in minutes. Such systems consist of fixed portion and sliding portion for telescopic action. Projection can be in single, double or three stages depending on requirement of the clients. These conveyors can be made mobile and inclination of conveyor can be varied hydraulically.

Telescopic belt conveyor is considered to be an effective alternative to labour-intensive routines. The operators can move heavy or awkward packages into or out of a container/truck rapidly – and with minimum effort.

These types of conveyors are suitable for low to medium volumes shipping functions, packaging and assembly. They are also used for handling add shaped boxes, bags and cartons that hang up on skate wheel conveyors.

These types of conveyors are considered to be boon to the industry for they are designed to suit requirement of the customer. Secondly, they are time saving in loading and unloading. They also reduce labour fatigue and lastly they are very light weight. Download pdf

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