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Bucket Conveyors
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Bucket Conveyors

Bucket Conveyors
Bucket Conveyors
Bucket Conveyors

Bucket Conveyors are designed to gently transport a variety of free flow Bulk materials in Dry, Semi-Dry Moist conditions. These units are extremely adaptable to deliver products to Multi Locations from Single or Multi Source of Supply through its variety of Discharge locations stations.

These conveyors are used for vertical transportation of bulk and small grain size materials. Such conveyors are used in food, agricultural, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, ceramic and glass industry, but also for transportation of bulk materials in heavy industry.

The conveyors allow vertical transportation. The material transport is without spillage and contamination, the closed conveyor design prevents dusting. Variety of configuration allows installation of the bucket conveyors on sites with very limited space.

The buckets conveying material are fixed to the rubber conveyor belt. The structure of bucket conveyor consists of drive and return station, body tube with guide and conveyor belt.

The buckets are bins fixed to the conveyor belt or guide chain, they load the material, transport it to the conveyor top and at the highest point unload the conveyed material.

They are mostly corrosion resistant, sturdy in construction and available in customized dimensions

Bucket conveyors consist of endless chains or belts to which are attached buckets to convey bulk material in horizontal, inclined, and vertical paths. The buckets remain in carrying position until they are tipped to discharge the material. Various discharging mechanisms are also available.

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